GAPP Announces Wild Alaska Pollock Lent Challenge

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON—The Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) announced its #Wapfor40 challenge today as the Lenten seafood season officially begins. The challenge is meant to showcase the prevalence of Wild Alaska Pollock on menus at beloved quick service restaurants and in retail products in a variety of forms and help consumers get excited about the fish and its story of superior taste, nutrition and sustainability. 

“Wild Alaska Pollock has a great taste, texture and flavor that makes it so popular among quickservice restaurant brands, especially as they add additional menu items for consumers for the

Lenten season,” said Craig Morris, Chief Executive Officer of GAPP. “Despite being widely used in some iconic menu items, most consumers don’t know that they’re eating fresh, wildcaught Alaska Pollock or understand its story of being harvested by American fishermen on the waters of the largest sustainable fishery in the world which is off our own coast of Alaska.” 

Consumers can eat their way through the #WAPfor40 GAPP Bingo card, trying delicious menu items available for this season. Also highlighted are Wild Alaska Pollock products available at retail—from fish sticks and breaded, beer battered fish fillets, to protein noodles made from Wild Alaska Pollock, surimi seafood products and perfect portions of Wild Alaska Pollock that can be prepared by home cooks in a variety of innovative ways. 

 “The goal here is to get consumers excited about this amazing fish, and connect them to its incredible story,” said Morris. “We’re always looking to add people to Team Wild Alaska Pollock and we thought this could be a great way to build out our following. Wild Alaska Pollock is the fish that everyone eats but seemingly no one knows—and it’s time for Americans to get to know this perfect protein.” 

The campaign is also intended to recognize consumer brands that are featuring Wild Alaska Pollock and helping to tell its story of nutrition and sustainability. Hungry consumers that love Wild Alaska Pollock in all its available forms are encouraged to take to social media to share their love and adoration with selfies—and to find out more about Wild Alaska Pollock and its story by following the Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers on Facebook and Twitter @wildAKpollock. 

“We’re excited by how many of our food chain partners are featuring Wild Alaska Pollock this season and we’re officially challenging every American to take the #WAPfor40 challenge—we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!” said Morris. 

About GAPP

The Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) is dedicated to the marketing of oncefrozen pollock products, harvested and processed in Alaska. A non-profit Alaska corporation formed in 2003, GAPP is working to promote Genuine Alaska Pollock in major whitefish markets around the world, with a focus on Europe, North America and Japan. It is our goal to educate both seafood buyers and consumers about the superior benefits of Genuine Alaska Pollock®