Groups Object To Sockeye Salmon Eco-Certification

Inspite of formal objections from environmental groups, Fraser River sockeye salmon may soon be branded as "sustainable" seafood after dismissal of conservation objections this week.

The David Suzuki Foundation, Watershed Watch Salmon Society and SkeenaWild Conservation Trust had launched a formal objection to the Marine Stewardship Council's proposed certification last fall.

"By any definition, this is not a sustainable fishery," said Greg Knox, executive director of SkeenaWild Conservation Trust. "There is no way these kinds of endangered salmon should be considered a sustainable choice until the fisheries management system is improved and stocks given a chance to recover."

"The Fraser sockeye fishery continues to catch sockeye identified as endangered by Canadian and international scientific authorities" said Jeffery Young, aquatic biologist with the David Suzuki Foundation.

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