Gulf Fishermen Help Fishermen Find Relief From Hurricane Laura Disaster

The destructive winds and storm surge of Hurricane Laura are now unwanted memories. Repairing shattered homes, businesses and lives along the storms path in southwestern Louisiana remain the task at hand. To easy the pain fishermen are reaching out to help fishermen.  A truckload of supplies donated by the North Carolina Fisheries Association and True North Seafood has reached Louisiana and being readied to help those in need.

“We received more than 20,000 lbs. of ice, fish and cleaning supplies,” said Frank Randol, treasurer of the Gulf Seafood Foundation and owner of Randol’s Seafood. “The True North Seafood truck was unloaded at a cold-storage unit in Lafayette.   We are in the process of working with the United Way, Second Harvest Food Bank and others to get these supplies into the hands of those that need it most.”

According to Randol everything along the southwestern Louisiana coast is a disaster.  “The hurricane came ashore two weeks ago, but already the attention of the nation has started to shift elsewhere,” he said. “We need to keep the attention focused on the damage in the Gulf, and how it has affected our fishermen because they not only feed their family, but their community and whole country.”

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