Handy Seafood Announces The Arrival Of Soft Shell Crab Season

CRISFIELD, MD – It’s here! It’s here! The long awaited fresh soft shell crab season has made its appearance once again, and Handy employees are working around the clock to ensure restaurants and markets nationwide are supplied for the season. Handy processes live, chilled-dressed, frozen and breaded soft shell crabs at their BRC (British Retail Consortium)  http://www.brcglobalstandards.com  grade “A” certified plant in Crisfield, Maryland.

“For those that have not tried a soft crab, they should step outside of their shell,” stated Chris Owens, Director of Domestic Sales and Sourcing at Handy Seafood. “Soft shell crabs hold all the flavor of hard crabs without any of the hassle of prying meat from its shell — basically, the crab has done all the work for you,” said Owens. Soft shell crabs are hard crabs that have just molted or backed out of their hard shells. Soft shell crabs are one of nature’s all-you-can-eat delights, since, you eat it all — body, claws, shell.

Soft crabs can be grilled, sautéed, or fried, which make them the perfect summertime treat! Recipes and domestic soft shell crabs are available for purchase on http://www.handyseafood.com.


Handy Seafood is a family-owned company with over 120 years of quality seafood processing. Products include soft shell crabs, crab meat, crab cakes, seafood specialty items, oysters and grouper. http://www.handyseafood.com

Source: Handy Seafood