Hannegan Seafoods Welcomes Changes

BELLINGHAM, WA — Don’t be alarmed if you’re driving on Hannegan Road later this week and see a shark waving from the side of the street – it only wants you to try out some smoked salmon.

Hannegan Seafoods is celebrating a spring festival “re-opening” Thursday through Saturday, April 1-3, with free salmon tastings and other family-oriented events, along with a shark costume to bring in customers. Owners Andy and Erin Vitaljic refer to this event as a re-opening, but it’s more like a rebirth for the seafood store, because it has been open since 1985. Erin said they both felt the retail store hadn’t been reaching its full potential for customers and are using this weekend to show them what changes they’ve been making.

One of those changes is a new manager. Ivica Devic has been a longtime employee of the Vitaljics, working as a fish smoker, but now he is the fish and seafood manager at the store, handling the inventory. Garrett Reynolds also will oversee the revitalizing of Hannegan Seafoods as general manager.

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Retail manager Ivica Devic prepares salmon for smoking at Hannegan Seafoods.

Credit: Phillip A. Dwyer, The Bellingham Herald