Innovation #5: Handy Fresh Pasteurized Crab Meat – Transparent

SALISBURY, MD – Handy Seafood, the oldest seafood processing company in the United States, is the first to reach 125 years old. Handy is celebrating this milestone achievement by highlighting products introduced through the years. Handy’s May innovation focuses on the transparency of fresh pasteurized crab meat.

Fresh pasteurized crab meat in a can was invented in Crisfield, Maryland. It was a remarkable invention that came with a marketing problem – the crab meat inside was hidden by the can. After the patent expired over 70 brands with exotic names and fluid specifications appeared on the market. One large crab meat buyer “wondered about the contents inside the can and what to expect when the can was opened”.

Handy’s solution was transparency. Handy photographed its six grades of crab meat cans, each with a cut-away, showing the inside of each can and produced a wall chart titled “What’ In You’re Can” to show the buyer what to expect. 
Another problem of a sealed can was how many lumps are in the can and what size are they? Handy’s solution was to specify the number of whole lumps on lids.

One buyer questioned “How do I know what species of crab are in the can”? Handy’s solution was to DNA test and to put the DNA label on the can.

For the grocery store consumer viewing grades of crab meat on the grocer’s shelf and making a choice may take time. Handy’s solution is a star burst on each retail cup that suggests the best grade for recipes — crab cakes, soups, and salads. 
Transparency is confirmed when the can or cup of Handy crab meat is opened. The on-line real-time pasteurization controls result in freshness at its peak. The lumps are neatly stacked by hand for visible inspection. Handy special black lights have illuminated stray pieces of shell for easy removal.

Handy takes position as the “World largest transparent crab company”.

Handy Seafood is a family-owned company with 125 years of quality seafood processing. Products include soft shell crabs, crab meat, crab cakes, seafood specialty items, oysters and artisanal fish.
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