IPNLF Launch of the Strategic Plan 2020-2025

IPNLF launches their Strategic Plan 2020-2025 announcing their vision, mission, and IPNLF’s Five Strategic Pillars to cover the key areas of their work to globally represent responsible small-scale one-by-one fisheries.

IPNLF has been officially registered in the United Kingdom as a charity (charitable organisation) since 2012. Their charitable objectives are focused on promoting sustainable development through ocean conservation and strengthening the ability of small-scale fishers to conserve biodiversity, build climate resilience and alleviate poverty. The organisations recognises that small-scale fisheries are often deeply rooted in the social and cultural fabric of coastal fishing communities, and are vital in supporting local economies and ensuring sustained food security.

To achieve their charitable objectives, IPNLF promotes the sustainable management of the world’s tuna fisheries while also recognising the importance of safeguarding the livelihoods they support. IPNLF’s work is to develop, support and promote one-by-one tuna fisheries –  which is subsequently fully aligned with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development:

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