Lars Galtung appointed Global Director of Communication and Sustainability at Cermaq

Sustainability is more important than ever, and Cermaq is now strengthening its organization to raise the bar and drive this work with even greater impact. Lars Galtung will take on the responsibility when communication and sustainability  functions are combined in one department.

Seafood is part of the solution if we are to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and seafood must become an even more important contributor to the world’s future food production. Cermaq is strongly engaged in the transformation of our global food system towards producing more healthy food with a low carbon footprint and will now further strengthen its competence and capacity to both contribute to and make visible its role in achieving the global goals.

“Lars Galtung is the right man in the right place. He has broad experience and demonstrated results from utilizing the interlinkage between communication and sustainability in food production. He will be a strong and competent advisor to the entire organization. I am very happy that we have Lars on our team. ” says CEO Geir Molvik.

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