Liberal Promise to End Open-Pen Salmon Farms in B.C. Making Waves on East Coast

Canada’s aquaculture industry is condemning a Liberal Party campaign promise to phase out open-pen salmon farms in British Columbia as “reckless” and “irresponsible,” while a Liberal candidate running for re-election in a salmon farming area in southern New Brunswick is also expressing reservations.

Karen Ludwig, who was elected MP for New Brunswick Southwest in 2015, said moving toward closed-containment systems, which involve farming fish in land-based tanks or in pens walled off from the open ocean, “really is a long transition, if that’s even going to happen.”

“When we look at where science is at, I don’t believe — from what I’ve researched and heard — that science is at this stage where we could go, where we can quickly make a transition to closed containment,” she said.

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