Lobster Prices: How Much Does Lobster Really Cost?

Are you looking for the best lobster prices? You’re not alone. Lobster is one of the most sought-after luxury foods in the world, and its prices are experiencing a ten-year high. Live lobster prices can be volatile, shifting and changing with demand. But it seems that the demand is only trending higher and higher. Learn more about the highs and lows, ins and outs of lobster pricing.

It can be hard to believe that at one time, lobster was considered so common that it was often derided as food for the poor! In 1622, the governor of the old Massachusetts territory (now Maine) apologized to a new group of settlers, telling them he could offer them *only* a meal of lobster. In fact, explorer Magellan noted in his diary that these creatures (lobsters) were “as thick as molasses” in the water. Lobstermen used to earn less than 2 pennies per pound. Some who ate lobsters at home even buried the evidence for fear their neighbors would see that they had to eat lobster, while workers would go on strike to protest being served lobster more than a few times a week. Lobsters were so plentiful on New England’s shores that they were often fed to prisoners. And when push came to shove, the crustaceans were crushed and tilled into the soil, used as fertilizer rather than consumed. Such a waste of precious lobster!

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