Magallanes Salmon Association: Tierra del Fuego’s Decision Will Have No Repercussions for Chilean Aquaculture

Magallanes Region Salmon Breeders Association Carlos Odebret downplayed the repercussions for the Chilean aquaculture industry of the recent Argentine legislation banning salmon farms in Tierra del Fuego, adding that the industry in Chile has a thirty-year experience and situations are not comparable.

“Currently there is no salmon breeding at the Beagle canal, neither on the Argentine or Chilean side, but mind you it is a legislation that was passed by the Argentine province”, Odebret said adding that the bill was the result of an intense campaign from NGOs, such as Greenpeace in the last three years both in Argentina and Chile.

Anyhow, remember Chile “has more than a hundred years since the introduction of salmon, 35 years since Chile installed aquaculture in the south of the country and the last thirty its has developed an institutional framework for the industry and has strengthened it in the last ten years. Meantime in Argentina, there is no salmon industry on a large scale or anything like the solid institution framework, like we have.”

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