Maine Company Offers Wholesale, Retail Products

MADISON, Maine — Oyster River Lobster opens its doors today, offering an assortment of seafood, including lobsters, shrimp, crab, oysters and haddock.

While several restaurants serve seafood dishes, Oyster River Lobster, located at 30 Main St., is the only business in Madison geared specifically toward wholesale and retail seafood products.

Co-owner Jeffrey Brow, 55, is well-acquainted with the area. For the last year, he has sold seafood out of his truck in the parking lot at Taylor’s Drug Store, on Main Street. He was also at the same spot about a decade ago.

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Caption: Jeff Brow holds a tray of live lobsters at the Oyster River Lobster Inc. on Main Street in Madison, Maine.

Credit: David Leaming, Morning Sentinel