Maine Wants People to Know That it Has the Best Seafood in the World

AUGUSTA, Maine – The Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR), with support from Governor Janet Mills and partners across the seafood industry, introduce Maine Seafood, a unified brand dedicated to spreading the word about the world’s best tasting seafood.

While rapidly changing seafood markets due to the coronavirus pandemic have posed challenges for seafood producers, retail seafood sales are up 35 percent compared to this time last year according to IRIi. Capitalizing on this increased interest, Maine Seafood will help the growing number of home-bound seafood enthusiasts discover the superior taste, quality and variety of seafood from Maine.

“Like producers across the globe, Maine’s seafood industry continues to face the challenge of rapidly changing markets,” said Maine Department of Marine Resources Commissioner Patrick Keliher. “But this challenge also presents an opportunity. The Gulf of Maine’s cold, clean water is home to a wide variety of premium seafood products that are easy to prepare. The Maine Seafood branding and promotion initiative will help consumers learn about, find, and prepare Maine Seafood in their own kitchens.”

Fishing and sea farming have been a way of life in Maine for more than a century and together, Maine’s maritime heritage and its cold, clean waters produce the best-tasting seafood on the planet. Maine Seafood dealers and processors take great pride in delivering a variety of premium products, including inspired ready-to-cook offerings that take the worry out of meal preparation.

“With more Maine people cooking from home, we have an opportunity to support Maine’s seafood industry by promoting the premium products we produce here at home,” said Governor Mills. “This initiative will support a vital sector of our state’s economy and connect consumers with high-quality seafood produced in the U.S. at a critical time.”

Maine’s pristine coastline is home to a tremendous diversity of both wild-caught and cultivated seafood species and the wide variety of products available, make it simple for Americans to discover what Maine has to offer.

  • From local crustaceans, like the famous sweet Maine lobster, and Jonah and rock crab, to the wide-selection of unique-tasting Maine oysters, dive and boat-caught scallops, mussels and clams – there is something here for every seafood lover.
  • Many people do not realize that Maine is also home to some of the most famous finfish in the world, including Atlantic cod, Atlantic salmon, haddock, and halibut.
  • Additionally, a wide variety of sea vegetables grow in the clean, cold waters of Maine, which have become especially popular for the micronutrients and antioxidant properties.

As people are stuck at home and yearning for an escape, the Maine Seafood brand was created to inspire more people to explore Maine from the comfort of their kitchen.

By sharing real stories from the water, easy-to-make restaurant quality seafood recipes, supplier listings, and more, the initiative will emphasize the attributes that set Maine Seafood apart –  the pristine marine environment of the north Atlantic Ocean, the industry’s passion for quality, and the premium nature of its products.

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i IRI Integrated Fresh Market Advantage, including both fixed and random weight, 26 weeks ending 10-4-20