Mermade Seafoods Swims in Cell Agriculture Waters to Make Cultivated Scallops

Mermade Seafoods is out to disrupt the $8 billion global scallops market with its circular cellular agriculture technology approach for producing cultivated scallops.

The Israeli company was founded in July 2021 by CEO Daniel Einhorn, CTO Dr. Rotem Kadir and COO Dr. Tomer Halevy. Einhorn, who has Navy — which explains his love of the sea — and venture backgrounds, met Kadir and Halevy at his venture studio, Tech7. They hit it off over the idea for cell-based seafood, and Einhorn suggested being their partner.

Mermade Seafoods’ technology is meant to streamline production and provide a tasty scallop, which will be the company’s first product, that is less expensive than alternative proteins currently available.

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