Mowi Consumer Products Expands MOWI Brand to the Hispanic Consumer Market in US

Miami, Fla. — After the great success of Mowi Consumer Products launching the MOWI® Brand in E-commerce in 2020, this salmon brand takes another step in partnership with Northgate Gonzalez Market.

Northgate Gonzalez Market celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2020 and operates as one of the leading supermarket chains focused on the Hispanic customer in the US market, a grocery chain that offers a unique experience with multiple locations in California. It is a staple with many generations of Hispanic Heritage consumers that expect their seafood space be populated with great variety and quality.

Referencing the U.S. Census data, that reported multicultural segments made up 40% of the U.S. population, “marketing MOWI Essential™ to the largest growing segment in our market is important and strategic to continue growing the Salmon experience among consumers. There is a lot of diversity among Latinx with growing needs, food trends and tastes – from Mexico, Caribbean, to Central and South America.  It is an exciting time to incorporate MOWI® salmon with Latin flavors and fusions. Salmon should be top of mind as consumers explore diverse seafood for their everyday meals,” said Diana Dumet, Marketing Director _Mowi Consumers Products of the Americas.

But Northgate Market is not only the destination of Latinx customers. Located in California, it’s also a preferred grocery experience for foodies and seafood aficionados. The growth and popularity of food shows, magazines, tasting events, food bloggers and even food trucks have created a food culture in which many consumers of diverse backgrounds are more interested in exploring seafood with Latin flavors. The MOWI Essential™ debuts at the Northgate Market grocery chain with 6 SKUs: the core line, and the line extension with unique pre-seasoned cuts. Highlighting delicious flavors like Monterey Style and Garlic Herb with more in development.  All seasonings are carefully hand applied to each of the MOWI Essential™ Atlantic Salmon cuts before they packed at Mowi processing facilities.

“Mowi is a recognized leader in Retail Seafood Category growth. Putting together an out-of-the-box program for the MOWI Essential™ brand is trend setting and aligned with the variety we offer. At Mowi we customize programs for our customers while staying true to the core of our promise: offering the Goodness of MOWI Salmon,” said Robert Clark, Sales Director _Mowi Consumers Products of the Americas.

The MOWI brand continues to be the focus of expansion in 2021-2022. Building a customized program with great retailers like Northgate Gonzalez Market provides Mowi with new opportunities to invigorate the seafood category.

A program in place with the California grocery chain will be supported by a bilingual marketing campaign that will reach out to a diverse population. For Mowi, it is important to produce great  content and marketing activations in English and Spanish.  The MOWI Essential™ salmon brand will be promoted through local radios, YouTube, Foodie Influencers, Digital Platforms, local TV and others.

“We are in a growing stage of salmon consumption in the US Market. In order to maintain Salmon’s accelerated levels of growth, it takes bold approaches, adaptability and a vertically integrated infrastructure. We are committed to having all of our global Mowi resources at the ready to help enhance or accentuate any existing or new seafood category when the opportunities arise,” concluded Joe Fidalgo, Managing Director _Mowi Consumers Products of the Americas.