Mowi Consumer Products Launches MOWI Brand in Brick & Mortar with Target Stores

MIAMI — To continue the MOWI® Brand expansion, Mowi Consumer Products (CP)  introduces the MOWI Essential™ Atlantic Salmon line at brick & mortar with nationwide presence. The salmon brand makes an important entrance with placement in stores across the US.

The MOWI® Brand celebrates a year since its inception in 2020 in the E-commerce Grocery space and has continued to expand with additional SKUs created to serve the US market. With the recent introduction of MOWI Essential™ to Target brick & mortar stores, consumers are now able to find a beautiful Atlantic Salmon product pre-packed in skin packed technology with a transparent package for clear view of the craftmanship of Mowi’s salmon cuts. To date, the line offers a complete line of 17 SKUs between the MOWI Gourmet™, MOWI Essential™ and the MOWI® Smoked product range.

Now available at Target Stores, the MOWI Essential™ product line is perfect for this retailer’s consumer that is looking for quality, uniqueness, simplicity and yet sophistication. “We are excited to partner with Target to introduce our global brand to serve their customers. MOWI Essential™ is the perfect match for this retail partner. Their commitment to certified seafood category excellence  has been instrumental to growing the category in the US Market,” said Robert Clark, Sales Director _Mowi Consumers Products of the Americas.

“While Seafood in retail space overall continues acquiring shelf space from other protein options, Target has proven to be a true partner to educate consumers about seafood. Target seeks to offer the variety that consumers request, selecting quality and uniqueness to raise the bar for the category in the US Market. We are grateful for Target’s support to continue building a category that will innovate and also for the opportunity to place the MOWI Essential™ line at their stores,” said Joe Fidalgo, Managing Director _Mowi Consumers Products of the Americas. With MOWI Essential™ product on shelf, Target shoppers enjoy Farm-Raised Atlantic Salmon that meets the Aquaculture Stewardship Council’s (ASC) global standards for responsibly farmed seafood. 

MOWI Essential™ is the everyday experience with MOWI’s Atlantic Salmon. Produced with high standards that Mowi can bring after 50 Years of Experience. MOWI Essential™ is affordable to our customers and with perfect cuts for those everyday meals. Mowi works with the ocean to produce nutritious, delicious and supreme-quality seafood. It is constantly driven by innovation and the desire to achieve the high standards in the industry. Mowi cares about the entire process from sea to fork of Salmon and to bring the Goodness of MOWI® salmon to the home of consumers. Mowi is proud to introduce the Goodness of MOWI® to Target shoppers and will be supporting this launch through a holistic marketing program where consumers will see MOWI branded content through radio, TV, food publications, influencers, social media, YouTube and much more…Salmon is Good, but MOWI® is Goodness!