MSC Board Approves New Fisheries Standard

The Marine Stewardship Council’s new Fisheries Standard has received unanimous approval from its Board of Trustees, which hailed it as a ‘major achievement’.

The decision follows the most comprehensive review of the MSC Fisheries Standard ever undertaken in the 25-year history of the organisation.

The four-year review involved significant scientific research and consultation with over 1,000 stakeholders – including fisheries, scientists, assessors, environmental NGOs and industry representatives.

It addressed some of the most difficult issues facing the ocean, including protecting marine biodiversity and incentivising stronger ocean governance. It also aimed to improve accessibility to the MSC’s sustainability programme for small-scale and emerging market fisheries.  These improvements will ensure that MSC-certified fisheries continue to be recognised as world leaders in sustainability, helping to drive progress towards achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, including the target to end overfishing.

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