National Fisheries Institute Issues Statement On Revocation Of The National Ocean Council

WASHINGTON, DC – Originally created to help Federal Agencies address key ocean challenges by giving communities greater input in government decisions, the National Ocean Council fell short of these goals. Instead, it created another level of Federal bureaucracy that excluded the perspective of the men and women who work the water and imposed costly and legally dubious mandates on local communities.

Failing to “streamline Federal operations,” “save taxpayer dollars”, and “promote economic growth” the Counciloften promoted polices that were out of step with science-based sustainability efforts designed to improve maritime communities planning for the future.

Disbanding the National Ocean Council will allow real stakeholders to play a bigger role in determining the scope, scale and impact of marine planning in their communities.  The President should be commended for taking this simple step to ensure a fairer and more transparent policy process when it comes to our oceans.

John Connelly
President, National Fisheries Institute

Source: National Fisheries Institute