NaturalShrimp: Study of its Cost-Effective, Sustainable Method to Grow Shrimp

DALLAS, TX – NaturalShrimp, Inc. (SHMP), the aquaculture Company that developed and patented the first commercially-operational RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) for shrimp, announced today that it retained the international firm Trane, a subsidiary of Ingersoll Rand, to do a complete study of NaturalShrimp’s game-changing solution to provide healthy and accessible product that is cost-effective and sustainable.

Tom Untermeyer, Chief Technology Officer of NaturalShrimp, commented: “We are sharing the report with our investors and potential shareholders. It is available at This news release presents some highlights from the Trane report.”

  • “Trane was contracted to review NaturalShrimp (SHMP) current and anticipated offering utilizing electrochemistry. Their patented product offering ‘Vibrio Suppression Technology’ addresses multiple concerns for marketable shrimp. This technology utilizes a modified electrocoagulation (EC) system which not only provides the a … reduction in ammonia in the shrimp grow out tanks, but additionally, a well-documented antimicrobial effect. This paper will address the benefits of EC’s antimicrobial effect, how it compares to alternative Superintensive Production Facility model designs, and the current microbial challenges all facilities face. 
  • The mission of (Natural Shrimp) is to provide a proven, game-changing solution to provide healthy and accessible product that is cost-effective and sustainable. Based 150 miles from the closest body of saltwater outside of San Antonio TX, the NaturalShrimp product can be effectively produced anywhere in the country.
  • (The) ideal solution for the US market is an offering that is environmentally sustainable, food safe, can be located anywhere, and is not hindered by existing superintensive production technologies and razor thin margins. This is the mission of NaturalShrimp.
  • The NaturalShrimp design does not utilize bio-floc nor outside coastal water sources, which improves market yield and reduced production and health risks. In addition, NaturalShrimp’s patented design provides a further layer of biosecurity, ensuring that pathologic bacteria growth is immediately treated in the production process.
  • For the past four years, NaturalShrimp has been developing a solution that would allow them to discontinue using the common bio-floc process that is ubiquitous in the shrimp aquaculture industry. Several tests later, they submitted and was granted a patent for their solution. For the past year, they have operated the system in production mode, growing Pacific White shrimp to full maturity. This solution, called Vibrio Suppression Technology, brings several critical benefits to the marketplace:
  1. Size- Vibrio Suppression Technology equipment is compact and permits entire installations to be installed practically anywhere, including in urban areas.
  2. Environmental- instead of relying on bacteria to partially reduce nutrient levels in their wastewater, the nutrients are destroyed through an electrochemical process. These nutrients are largely generated through shrimp feces and uneaten feed.
  3. Product Safety- Utilizing the same electrochemical process, Vibrio and other pathogens have been visibly removed from the grow tanks, as demonstrated in the attached culture plate images.
  4. Employee Safety- Removes the potential for bio-floc acquired bacterial infections through cuts or abrasions in the workplace.
  5. Improved Immune Systems- Physical environment has a direct impact on survivability of the shrimp. This benefit is largely due to the two benefits detailed in items 2 and 3 above. Pathogens can decimate a shrimp population through failure to thrive or succumbing to disease. Nutrients, in the form of ammonia, also generate stress in the shrimp, and is the leading issue in poor product growth.
  6. Self-sustaining- The electrochemical process maintains the water quality throughout the growth cycle of the shrimp. It additionally buffers the water, which further reduces OPEX costs, removing the necessity to add the commonly seen additive, sodium bicarbonate.
  7. Improved product quality- this solution provides locally sourced fresh shrimp.

ABOUT TRANE: Trane Inc. is a manufacturer of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems and building management systems and controls. The company is a subsidiary of Ingersoll Rand and is the successor company to the American Standard Companies. It makes products under the Trane and American Standard brand names

ABOUT NATURAL SHRIMP: NaturalShrimp, Inc. is a publicly traded aqua-tech Company, headquartered in Dallas, with production facilities located near San Antonio, Texas. The Company has developed the first commercially viable system for growing shrimp in enclosed, salt-water systems, using patented technology to produce fresh, never frozen, naturally grown shrimp, without the use of antibiotics or toxic chemicals. NaturalShrimp systems can be located anywhere in the world to produce gourmet-grade Pacific white shrimp.

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