New Certification for Increased Seafood Quality Standards

Nova Scotia seafood companies with high-quality products are encouraged to apply for a new certification that will give them a competitive advantage in global markets.

The Nova Scotia Seafood Quality Program provides certification for the province’s top exported seafood products, including lobster, oysters, sea scallops, Atlantic halibut and several other species.

“Promoting high-quality standards in Nova Scotia’s seafood supply chain will enhance our international reputation for premium quality seafood and help Nova Scotia make a strong economic recovery,” said Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Keith Colwell. “Nova Scotia’s seafood companies lead the way as Canada’s top exporters of seafood, and this new program will differentiate us even further in the global marketplace.”

The certifications were developed by Nova Scotia Seafood, in partnership with Perennia Food and Agriculture Inc. and Université Sainte-Anne.

Université Sainte-Anne manages the live lobster certification that ensures lobster suppliers, exporters and harvesters comply with handling and holding best practices, lobster quality, water monitoring and traceability. Perennia manages the certification for all other species and requires that seafood exporters comply with applicable regulatory requirements, premium quality standards, as well as a commitment to continuous improvement.

Certified companies will have access to the Nova Scotia Seafood brand creative and trademarked logo for use in marketing; be featured prominently in Nova Scotia Seafood brand promotional materials, marketing campaigns and all trade-related events; and will have access to customized training and marketing to help them grow their business.


Marketing with this trademark will assist our company to gain worldwide recognition for another top-quality Nova Scotia seafood product. The additional quality assurances offered by this trademark will give us a solid foundation to export superior, consistent, quality oysters to destinations throughout the world.Brian Fortune, president, Fortune Oysters

Quick Facts:

  • Nova Scotia ships premium species such as lobster, shrimp, snow crab, oysters, and more to nearly 80 countries around the world
  • more than 50 percent of Canada’s lobsters are landed in Nova Scotia
  • more than 25 industry members were consulted on the development of the standards

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