New Partnership Will Highlight Nutritional Benefits of Bristol Bay Salmon to Babies and Toddlers

Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC), Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association (BBRSDA), and Bambino’s Baby Food are excited to announce a new partnership to promote nutritious Bristol Bay wild salmon to families around the world.

The partnership is a natural fit given BBNC and BBRSDA’s combined focus on sustaining Bristol Bay’s world-renowned wild salmon run and Bambino’s priority of serving all-natural, preservative-free products. Together, the organizations will share the stories of Bristol Bay salmon with families around the world who value quality ingredients by including informational cards in Bambino’s sockeye salmon meal packages. Bambino’s sockeye salmon products include salmon filets, salmon strips, and salmon bisque meals that are suitable for a variety of ages.

“Salmon is a fundamental part of our cultures and our values, from protecting the waters they spawn in to ensuring our shareholders are able to fill their freezers every year,” says Jason Metrokin, president and CEO of BBNC. “We’re looking forward to partnering with Bambino’s and BBRSDA to share the stories of why salmon is so crucial to our region and our shareholders.”

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