NFI Announces New Director, Scientific Affairs

Washington, DC – With more than three decades of experience in food safety and product development, Margaret Malkoski joins the National Fisheries Institute (NFI) as its new Director of Scientific Affairs.

Malkoski’s background conducting audits, both domestically and internationally, is well known. She’s celebrated for meeting high standards for some of the most recognizable names in the seafood community.

“Margaret has been in the trenches,” said NFI’s Vice President for Regulatory and Technical Affairs, Lisa Weddig. “She’ll be a tremendous asset to our members because she not only knows the science but also knows how it impacts businesses and how to be a resource in real time.”

With a background in marine biology from the University of Dartmouth and specializations in HACCP, product development, quality and auditing, Malkoski was the chair of NFI’s own Technical Committee for sixteen years.  Malkoski’s scientific expertise and vast industry experience will integrate well with NFI’s regulatory policy portfolio.

“Her learning curve is essentially zero,” said NFI President John Connelly. “She’s been doing this work, in this industry, at a high level for years. We’re pleased to have Margaret join us and to be able to offer that kind of expertise right away. Bringing her on board is one of those very tangible benefits we provide members.” 

Whether it’s working to protect NFI members from unnecessary regulatory burdens or identifying and addressing food safety trends and issues, Malkoski will be on the front lines of seafood science.

“I am excited to be joining NFI,” said Malkoski. “The technical and regulatory challenges faced by the seafood community are ones I have worked on my entire career. I am eager to help member companies navigate this arena and be a part of efforts to mitigate government policies that can ultimately do more harm than good.”

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Source: National Fisheries Institute (NFI)