NFI Crab Council Welcomes Carthage Crabs and Seafood to the Group

Washington, DC – The leading industry led, pre-competitive, crab sustainability collaboration welcomes its newest member, Carthage Crabs and Seafood. Located in Manalapan, New Jersey and New York, NY, Carthage partners with communities in Greece, Tunisia, Albania, Bahrain, Angola and the Philippines to catch, process and export its full line of products to the U.S and internationally.

“Carthage Crabs is an example of a business that’s committing to sustainability right from the start,” said NFI Crab Council Executive Director Ed Rhodes. “With their membership, our ranks now include companies that have been around for 3 years and more than 103 years. A focus on the future of fisheries is clearly the core principle that binds them.” 

Carthage Crabs is the 34th member company to join the Crab Council.

“We responsibly source everywhere from the Mediterranean and West Africa to Asia and we’re always thinking about the ecological and community impacts of our work,” said Carthage Crab’s President, Amir Ben Ameur. “At Carthage we always say, sustainability is not a slogan, and the Crab Council embraces a mantra that is quite the same. We’re proud to be a part of it.”

The Crab Council currently funds Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) in Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India. During its June Summer Working Group the Council will review the sustainability of a number of emerging crab fisheries and consider growing its FIP work. The council’s funding comes from an assessment that is based on the volume of crab imported by members.

Since 2009, the NFI Crab Council has practiced industry led stewardship, addressing fishery needs through scientific, social, and financial channels. Learn more at Visit Carthage Crabs at