NFI Salmon Council Member Ups The Ante On Effortless Salmon Prep At Home

McLEAN, Va. – With the popularity of food subscription services and pre-measured meal kits red-hot and on-the-rise, Boston-based seafood manufacturer and distributor Slade Gorton has expanded its line of meal kits under its Seafood Made Simple brand. At the center of many of these new kits is salmon, America’s favorite fish.

Thanks to its naturally rich flavor, buttery texture, and incredible versatility, salmon remains the fish Americans love to eat most. And, while overall U.S. salmon consumption has been trending upward the last few years, The National Fisheries Institute’s Salmon Council’s membership has remained at the forefront of innovation as part of the Council’s mission to promote salmon as a high-quality, healthy and delicious fish. 

“Knowing salmon’s overall popularity, we wanted to help consumers prepare it in a way that would feel comfortable to even those home cooks with very little experience in the kitchen,” explained Rachel Fitzgerald, Vice President of Retail Sales and Product Development at Slade Gorton & Co., which is a member of the NFI Salmon Council. “With pre-measured ingredients and crave-able flavors, we can eliminate a good deal of the hesitation some shoppers go through when they think about buying salmon,” Fitzgerald said. 

Ready in 15 minutes or less, the new round of meal kits takes cues from currently trending ingredients and popular flavors.  The latest line includes three sit-up-and-take-notice salmon kits: barbeque-ready Salmon with Shrimp Skewers, Bourbon Rubbed Salmon Tips & Cowboy BBQ Rubbed Shrimp, and Maple Rubbed Salmon Tips & Nashville Hot Rubbed Shrimp.

“The on-trend combo meal kits provide a seafood experience that’s apart from others by delivering a level of taste, convenience and value that’s currently unmatched in the market,” Fitzgerald continued.  “At Slade Gorton, we strive to make seafood more accessible to all by bringing delicious, nutritious, and sustainable seafood products to America’s table. Our Seafood Made Simple line helps deliver on that promise,” she said.

Slade Gorton’s commitment to sustainability stretches back well more than a century.  The company works continuously to ensure its partners are committed to responsible fishing and harvesting practices, enhanced food safety and traceability processes; and a focus on ensuring social welfare throughout the global seafood supply chain.

The NFI Salmon Council and its members are committed to sustainable management of the oceans and to being stewards of the environment, through the institute’s embrace of the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Fisheries.

“Our members are leaders in their field for sustainability and innovation, and we’re always happy to see them elevate those aspects in the marketplace,” said Brandon Phillips, Senior Director of Communications and Advocacy for the NFI.  “In addition to those achievements, Slade Gorton has produced an assortment of meal kits that aligns perfectly with the work the Salmon Council has been doing to position salmon as a protein that’s as easy to prepare as it is enjoyable to eat.  Products like these make it easier for shoppers to choose salmon on their weekly grocery trip, which, in the long run, delivers benefits that run throughout the council’s membership.”

The new Slade Gorton Seafood Made Simple meal kits are available near the seafood counter at major food retailers nationwide.

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About The NFI Salmon Council

The NFI Salmon Council was formed in January 2013 by The National Fisheries Institute.  The council’s mission is to promote salmon as a high-quality, healthy and delicious fish, packed with protein and dozens of nutrients that support heart and brain health.  Members of the NFI Salmon Council source wild-caught and farm-raised salmon both domestically and from around the world.

Source: The NFI Salmon Council