NFI Statement on USDA’s Decision to Purchase Nutritious Consumer-Ready Seafood

WASHINGTON, DC – The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced today that it will purchase up to $159.4 million of seafood and other items as part of its Section 32 food assistance program. This purchase marks “the largest single seafood purchase in the Department’s history,” according to the agency.

It’s good to see USDA recognize the importance of our essential workers as well as provide Americans with healthy seafood. NFI looks forward to working with the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) on this as they begin the procurement process.

The seafood community and the 1.7 million Americans jobs along its value chain, has been hit hard by the pandemic from the men and women who work the water to processors, distributors and retailers and restaurants that offer seafood.  Most of the links in that vital chain are small businesses that have struggled to survive. Help, like this, will greatly benefit recovery and help get Americans back to work.