Niceland Seafood Brings First Branded Line of Frozen Icelandic Fish to U.S. Retailers

REYKJAVIK, Iceland and DENVER – Niceland Seafood, the first consumer-facing provider of Icelandic fish to offer full traceability from “sea-to-pan”, is shaking up the frozen category with resealable bags of wild-caught haddock and cod portions(MSRP $24.99). The move into frozen is the first in a series of upcoming product innovations from Niceland that will help shoppers feel more confident making responsible seafood purchases and cooking more fish at home. Just like all of Niceland’s products, its frozen line features the story behind the fish on pack, accessed easily by shoppers via a scannable QR code.

“To have more impact on macro seafood trends, we’re evolving the Niceland brand experience, including the development of convenient frozen products that our target shopper wants, and retail partners have asked us for,” says Niceland’s CEO, Heida Kristin Helgadottir. “We see we have an increasingly important role to play in producing the best frozen fish products, and filling aisles with quality protein options.”

Niceland’s move into frozen is also an effort to double down on its commitment to sustainability. “We need to rethink frozen seafood if we’re going to create a more delicious and sustainable global seafood system,” says Niceland’s Director of Sustainability, Patrick Dunaway. “Frozen seafood is a key to reducing both supply chain and post-consumer waste.” Next to waste reduction, another reason to consider frozen fish is the fact that there are more transportation options. “The logistical masters on our team get fresh fish to buyers using commercial routes to limit our carbon footprint,” says Dunaway. “And with our new frozen line, we’re able to use more carbon-efficient sea transport.”

The anticipated growth of the frozen seafood category points to greater consumer adoption and comfort level with frozen seafood. Modern freezing technology is partly responsible for this shift. “The freezer burn and large ice crystals we used to see don’t occur with today’s freezing technology, which means the proteins, fats, flavors and textures are preserved better,” says Dunaway.

“This isn’t your mom’s frozen fish,” says Meghan Russell, Niceland’s VP of sales and marketing. “Our fish is flash frozen at the peak of freshness in Iceland, which means it’s some of the highest-quality fish you can find.”

For more detailed information about Niceland’s retail bags check out the brand profile on RangeMe.

About Niceland Seafood:

Niceland Seafood was founded by the brand incubator EFNI in collaboration with Iceland-based international investment company Eyrir Invest. EFNI’s mission is to share Iceland’s values of sustainability, humanism, creativity, connectivity and the preservation of nature with the world. Niceland Seafood is the brainchild of Oliver Luckett, former Head of Innovation at The Walt Disney Company and founder and former CEO of theAudience, and Heida Helgadottir, renowned Icelandic political entrepreneur behind the famous Best Party. Luckett and Helgadottir launched Niceland Seafood in June 2018 in Reykjavik to solve the growing need for transparency in the industry.

About EFNI:

EFNI connects the dots between culture and commerce, heritage and media, and the local and global. By employing technology and online mediums, EFNI shares the magic of Iceland with the world.

About Eyrir Invest:

Eyrir Invest is an international investment company that focuses on investments in industrial companies which have the potential to become true global leaders. Eyrir Invest places great emphasis on aligning execution with quality long-term strategic planning.