Norcod Finalizes Transfer of 2.4M Fish Into Sea Phase

Norwegian cod-farming venture ticks another box after completing the transfer of its next batch of cod juveniles into the sea.

The fish are distributed between the company’s three sea farm sites in Pålskjæra, Skogsøya and Frosvika. Frosvika, located in Meløy municipality in Nordland county, is Norcod’s newest site.

“The transfer operation to the sea-site growth facilities went successfully as planned. The fish seemed happy immediately and began feeding straight after their arrival,” said Norcod production director Rune Eriksen.

This batch of cod will be ready for harvesting in the third quarter of 2022. The next batch of juveniles are scheduled to go into the sea phase in spring 2022, after starting their growth phase in December.

Meanwhile, Norcod is preparing for its first commercial harvest of fresh cod now during the third quarter. “Other major milestones we are looking forward to after that include the delivery of a brand-new feed barge equipped with waterborne feeding technology to our Frosvika facility in October, as well as the arrival of our new hybrid-electric service vessel Julianne J. Both vessels are key components in our sustainability strategy to enhance operational efficiency and lower emissions in the production cycle,” Eriksen said.

“Every transfer of fish from growth tanks to the sea marks a key step on our journey to becoming a new industry leader. The fish are performing as expected thanks to our fantastic team. We are excited to start generating income from our first harvest and arrangements that have been put in place with buyers. Everyone is eager to bring this premium product to the market,” added Norcod CEO Christian Riber.

Sirena Group, a leading sales and marketing company of premium seafood, is responsible for Norcod’s market strategy and has lined up selected customers in key markets once harvesting starts. “Norcod must be positioned and branded as the sustainable and delicious high-end seafood product that it is. We are truly excited about the market response so far and the bright prospects for establishing Norcod as a leading brand and product in the global market,” said Martin Buhl, Head of Strategy at Sirena Group.

About Norcod

Norcod AS’ core business is commercial sea farming of cod but through ownership and partnerships is involved in the entire value chain. Norcod’s existing fish farms are located in Mid-Norway with ideal conditions for cod. The company is contributing to blue ocean value creation with minimal impact on the environment while supporting local communities. Norcod is listed on Oslo’s Euronext Growth market.