Nueva Pescanova Built the World’s First Intelligent Aquafarm to Better Feed the Fish and the World

At an aquafarm on Ecuador’s coast, workers toiled to provide ample nourishment to the crustaceans, repeatedly maneuvering their small boats across the farm’s ponds to hand feed the underwater colony.

Then the aquafarm’s operator, Omar Portugal, had an idea: He decided to listen to the shrimp. He dropped a hydrophone into the water to eavesdrop as they ate.

Working with Microsoft, Portugal and his team also adopted new software, added more data-gathering sensors, and floated several automated feeding stations atop the shrimp pond at the Marfrisco Aquafarm. The facility is one of numerous farms operated around the world by Nueva Pescanova, a Spain-based company specializing in the fishing, farming, processing and sale of seafood products.

Turns out, it was noisy below the pond’s surface.

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