Oil Spill Takes Toll On New Orleans Seafood

For oyster lovers and the restaurants that cater to them, these are strange days. With the Gulf of Mexico still filled with oil one month after the BP rig explosion that killed 11 workers and triggered an environmental catastrophe, diners and restaurateurs still are unsure whether a seafood apocalypse is nigh.

Some, such as Parkway Bakery, have created a stir among the faithful by removing oysters from the menu.

Facing shortages and high prices, particularly for shrimp and oysters, other restaurants have substituted ingredients or raised menu prices. Some have kept their prices firm and swallowed the extra cost of higher-priced seafood. Some long-standing eateries with strong connections to seafood suppliers have had no problems with availability, but have begun stockpiling seafood in cold storage as a precaution.

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Photo by Susan Poag, The Times-Picayune