Oliver Luckett’s Niceland Seafood Partners With King Soopers and City Market

REYKJAVIK, Iceland and DENVER  — Niceland Seafood is the first turn-key provider of Icelandic Fish to offer full traceability from “sea-to-pan.” Working together with Seattle Fish Co., Niceland Seafood has partnered with King Soopers and City Market for their first retail launch to bring fully traceable fresh Icelandic seafood product to 65 locations in the US. Most stores will be carrying cod, ocean perch, and Arctic charr. Find a location near you on King Soopers’s website.

Oliver Luckett, former Head of Innovation at The Walt Disney Company, and founder and CEO of theAudience, a social media management agency, recently turned his attention to sustainably sourced seafood. Luckett co-founded NICELAND SEAFOOD with renowned Icelandic political entrepreneur Heida Helgadottir in June of 2018. Together they started EFNI in 2015, a holding company devoted to sharing the values and spirit of Iceland with the world. Along with Niceland Seafood, EFNI is currently incubating HausMart, Reykjavik Greens, Arctic Beauty, and TraceabiliT.

“We are thrilled with the rollout at King Soopers and happy that it has confirmed our assumption that customers looking for a healthy meal care about the people and places behind their food. Niceland Seafood is bringing together technology, traceability, and a direct relationship between the US customers and Icelandic Seafood for the first time,” said Oliver Luckett, chairman of Niceland Seafood.

“Sea-to-pan” traceability allows consumers to follow the detailed journey of their fish. Trace the timeline from the exact spot in the North Atlantic Ocean where the fish was caught to the name of the boat that reeled it in. See which processing plant filleted the fish and the flight details from Reykjavík to Denver, right on down to the truck that delivered it to the store. The entire timeline is available via a scannable QR code.

“Iceland is a global leader when it comes to sustainable fishing, issuing annual catch limitation quotas that prevent overfishing and keep marine life healthy and balanced. Furthermore, high-tech processing machinery deployed around the country ensure up to 80% of the catch is put to use. It is one of the most sustainable fishing industries worldwide,” said Heida Helgadottir, CEO of Niceland Seafood.

Still, the route from the North Atlantic to the American consumer’s plate is long and labor intensive. Niceland Seafood has worked hard to develop and implement technology to streamline processes that for decades relied on handwritten notes, faxes, and countless phone calls. By capitalizing on Iceland’s massive air transport expansion, leveraging breakthroughs in tracking technology, and connecting people to the food they eat, NICELAND SEAFOOD has created a unique consumer experience.

“Seattle Fish Company and Niceland Seafood share the common values of sustainability and quality, and know that transparency drives customer connection and engagement. King Soopers and City Market, as the first retailers in the nation to offer Niceland product, are underscoring their commitment to provide important sourcing information and detail to consumers,” said Derek Figueroa, President, Seattle Fish Company.

“At King Soopers and City Market, our vision is to serve Colorado through food inspiration and uplift. We are proud to partner with Niceland, who offers state-of-the-art traceability with their products, as well as the sustainability and quality our customers have come to expect when shopping our stores. We want to help you be the hero at mealtime,” said Ron Sparks, King Soopers and City Market Meat and Seafood Merchandiser.

This new partnership with King Soopers and City Market is the latest development for Niceland Seafood who has been expanding their Denver-based operations with new hires in key executive roles.

To see Niceland Seafood traceability in action, click here: http://www.nlsf.is/demo

About Niceland Seafood
Niceland Seafood is the first turn-key provider of fresh Icelandic fish to offer full traceability from “sea-to-pan.”

About Seattle Fish
Since 1918, Seattle Fish Co. has supplied the highest-quality seafood available in the world to restaurants, hotels, caterers and grocers throughout Denver and the Rocky Mountain area and are the region’s largest supplier of fresh fish.

About King Soopers and City Market 
King Soopers operates 153 stores, 149 pharmacies and 91 fuel centers in Colorado. For more than 70 years, King Soopers has emphasized a customer-first approach to providing quality products, value pricing, outstanding service and an exceptional shopping experience.  We are dedicated to making a difference in the communities we serve by supporting hunger relief through our Zero Hunger Zero Waste Program. For more information about King Soopers, download the free King Soopers mobile app or connect on King Soopers.comFacebookTwitter or Instagram.

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