One Shop Became a Lifeline for Rhode Island’s Solitary Clam Fishermen

BRISTOL, R.I. — Lou Frattarelli eased his flatbed truck into the loading zone at Andrade’s Catch, a small seafood shop in this town on Narragansett Bay. He had just tied his 24-foot clam skiff to the marina beside the firehouse and offloaded his catch. He had four sacks of quahogs to sell, raked on the still-running tide from the bottom of the bay.

Davy Andrade, one of the shop owners, met him at the door. Mr. Andrade was buying, one of the few shellfish dealers in the state still employing clammers and bringing a local seafood staple to residents.

“What do you want me doing tomorrow?” Mr. Frattarelli asked, hoping for one more day’s pay.

“Another 500, if you can,” Mr. Andrade answered.

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