Performance Team Announces Plans for New Cold Chain Facility in Wilmington, NC

El Segundo, California USA – Performance Team continues to expand and integrate end-to-end cold chains with the announcement of a new cold storage facility in Wilmington, North Carolina opening in Q3 2023 to serve imports and exports.

North Carolina accounts for 10% of total U.S. pork exports (as the 3rd largest in pork production), the 7th largest in poultry production and the largest in sweet potato production. Site selection-wise, the facility targets the refrigerated market of poultry, pork, bananas, potatoes and seafood. It is ideally-located close to 27 refrigerated commodity production sites within 80 miles and can reach 225 million consumers within a 1-2 day transit.

Customer interest in the Performance Team-operated cold storage facility is strong and reflects the opportunity to improve fragmented cold chains and distribution networks. Value-added services include USDA inspections, handling, storage, cold logistics, unloading, wrap, stamping, Swai Wrap, lot release, truck loading, case pick, slat, blast freeze, de-slat, floor loading, boxing/repacking, and tempering.

The new site will comply with the company’s sustainability standards.

About Performance Team

Performance Team currently operates over 150 distribution and fulfillment center locations in North America and Transportation Services which is complemented by Maersk’s expanded e-commerce logistics capabilities in the U.S. and the acquisition of Pilot Freight Services which added 87 more locations serving first, middle and last mile logistics across the U.S.