Processors Post $1.35 As Base Price For Sockeye

The following processors have posted a 2019 base price of $1.35 per pound for sockeye: Silver Bay, Icicle, Leader Creek, Alaska General Seafoods, Red Salmon (a subsidiary of North Pacific Seafoods), Peter Pan and Ocean Beauty.

Icicle will pay $0.40 per pound for chum. Icicle drift net fishermen receive a $0.08 bonus for bled reds in RSW only, $0.15 for sockeye chilled in ice or RSW, and $0.05 premium for floated fish. For set netters, there is also a $0.15 bonus for chilling.

Silver Bay drift net fishermen have reported a $0.25 bonus for RSW and floating, and a $0.12 bonus for bleeding and mats or a salmon slide.

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