Publix Brings Florida Farm-raised Salmon to Miami Region Stores

Starting in November, Publix will offer land-raised salmon from Miami, FL in select stores across the region. This aquaculture collaboration with Atlantic Sapphire is the latest extension of Publix’s commitment to sustainable seafood, local food with a lower carbon footprint, and innovative farming techniques (there is currently a hydroponic lettuce container farm on-site at the Publix Lakeland, FL GreenWise Market store).

Atlantic Sapphire’s Miami-based Blue House is the largest land-based salmon farm in the US, the only land-farmed salmon in the United States that uses salt water from an aquifer, and offers the only land-based farmed salmon in Florida.

Americans are consuming more seafood (especially since the pandemic), yet 90% of the seafood we eat is farm-raised in other countries and has to travel thousands of miles (coming primarily from Chile, Norway, Scotland, and Canada).

Sustainable Seafood:

Atlantic Sapphire’s salmon is raised in environmentally conscious Bluehouses, in custom made conditions designed ideally for fish:

  • Water preservation: 95% salt water, 99% recycled o Artesian and ancient water source (Floridian Aquifer) no need to use antibiotics or pesticides
  • On-shore technology: no impact on coastal areas, seabed, or wildlife
  • Low stocking density (95% water, 5% fish or 50 kg/ cubic meter average)