Salmon’s on Menu For 2 Billion Hedge Fund

As the world strives for a more healthy diet, one hedge fund in Australia is developing a keen appetite for salmon.

Tribeca Investment Partners Pty, a Sydney-based manager, runs two natural resource funds focused on everything from gas to battery minerals, and is now looking to raise $500 million for a strategy to invest in the sector’s corporate debt. Among various targets, the firm is seeking opportunities to lend to or invest in salmon producers as people in developed nations become increasingly health conscious and put more fish on their tables.

“We see a big change in diets across the G-20, including the middle class in China,” Ben Cleary, Asia chief executive officer, said in an interview in Singapore. “The salmon market’s got some interesting dynamics, and it has had very strong growth in the last three years. Salmon’s part of our broader interest in diets and agriculture.” Tribeca manages over $2.3 billion of assets.

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