Samuels Seafood Partners with Canada’s Fundy Salmon Recovery to Help Restore Wild Atlantic Salmon Population

Philadelphia, PA – Samuels Seafood’s newest brand of premium Atlantic Salmon, Jail Island Salmon, has a philanthropic mission. This mission is to increase the wild population of Atlantic Salmon in Canada’s Bay of Fundy. With every pound of Jail Island Salmon sold, Samuels Seafood is committed to donating a portion of sales to Fundy Salmon Recovery. “We are proud that the idea sprouted 11 months ago has now come to fruition,” said Joseph Lasprogata, VP of New Product Development, as he announced the first donation check had been sent.

In 2019, Samuels partnered with Cooke Aquaculture to become the exclusive distributor of Jail Island Salmon in the US. Along with that partnership, Samuels pledged to donate a portion of all Jail Island Salmon sales toward the Fundy Salmon Recovery Project. The Fundy Salmon Recovery Project is the world’s first Wild Salmon Marine Conservation Farm. The goal is to improve wild Atlantic Salmon stocks by collecting young, wild Salmon in their critical early life stages and caring for them in an ocean environment. When the fish are adult size and ready to spawn, they are released back into their home rivers where they will have a better chance of survival in the wild.

Samuels will be debuting Jail Island Salmon at the New Product Showcase at Seafood Expo North America (SENA) this year. Additionally, the Philadelphia family-owned and operated distributor will feature Jail Island Salmon at their booth, #347, with full displays and tastings for their guests. Before hitting the market, various flavors of Jail Island Smoked Salmon will also be the main plate of Key Buyer Breakfasts that Samuels will host at their booth. 

Samuels is proud to be helping the Fundy Salmon Recovery Project and excited for the future charitable endeavors yet to come in 2020.

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