Seafood Membership brand, Wild Alaskan Company, joins the My Young Auntie family

My Young Auntie is pleased to announce we now representing Wild Alaskan Company@wildalaskancompany |

Wild Alaskan Company is a direct-to-consumer membership service that delivers high-quality, sustainably-sourced seafood from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, directly to your doorstep.

Wild Alaskan Company prides themselves in the fact that they are not fisher(wo)men, rather, they are Fishmongers, meaning they source & sell fish. This approach, combined with vast commercial fishing experience, gives Wild Alaskan Company the ability to source and sell only the most sustainablehighest quality, and best tasting seafood in the world.

They currently offer 12 or 24 pack boxes, listed below, which are delivered on a 1 month or 2 month basis. 

Wild Salmon Box

signature box featuring 6-ounce portions of wild salmon — such as sockeye and coho salmon

 Wild Combo Box

assortment of portion sizes, cuts and species of wild salmon and wild white fish

Wild White Fish Box

assortment of portion sizes, cuts and species of wild white fish — such as halibut and cod

Meet the Founder

Arron Kallenberg is the founder of Wild Alaskan Company, an Alaska native, and a third generation commercial fishing expert.

Arron started Wild Alaskan Company determined to improve our food system through healthy, convenient, sustainably sourced meals.