Seattle Fish Company Under New Ownership

For 103 years, Seattle Fish Company has been owned by the Iacino family. Mose Iacino founded Seattle Fish Company in 1918, at the age of 16, packing fresh fish in sawdust and ice to be shipped by railcar from Seattle and sold in Downtown Denver to local chefs and families.   

Though many years have passed, our mission remains the same – bringing fresh and frozen seafood to Colorado (and the greater Rocky Mountain region) and sustainably feeding people. We appreciate our company’s history and the everlasting legacy that Mose and his family have instilled in us. 

In 2019, James Iacino, grandson of Mose Iacino and former CEO of Seattle Fish Company, stepped down from his role in daily operations to focus on a political career, naming Derek Figueroa as CEO & President. However, James and his family have now decided to permanently focus on new ventures.

We are excited to announce that as of Monday, November 15, 2021, Seattle Fish Company will now be owned by Armand Agra, a Founders Company. 

Please note that there will be no changes to our operations that will affect our business or our relationship with our customers. One of our core values is, and always will be, our customers. We think of our customers first and make decisions with them in mind. We are grateful for their continued business and are confident that our transfer of ownership will be seamless for all customers. 

Additionally, we will be retaining 100% of our staff in the transition. All Seattle Fish employees will remain employed by Seattle Fish Company with the same benefits they’ve always had. There will also be no changes to our Leadership or Executive team. Though our ownership will change from one family-owned business to another, our values will remain steadfast – customer, quality, sustainability, family and philanthropy. 

Armand Agra, a Founders Company, also owns Durham Ranch, Sierra Meat, MacDonald Meat Co., and Flocchini. We hope to collaborate with our new family of operating companies to offer more products, like high-quality sustainable meats, in the future. 

“We’re excited to have a partner to invest in Seattle Fish, helping us to grow and expand as a company,” says Figueroa. “This new ownership and their investment inside of our business will allow us to fulfill our Leadership Aspiration to lead the growth of sustainable seafood consumption on a larger scale than ever before. Our commitment will be to continue the legacy started by the Iacino family, led and fed by our entire team, into the future.”

 -Derek Figueroa, CEO & President