Shrimp Continues Its Reign On Top 10 List

Washington, DC – American consumers ate 16.1 pounds of seafood per capita in 2018; up from 16.0 pounds, a smaller increase than 2017’s monster 1.1 pound jump. Americans are eating more fish now than they have in over a decade.

“It is so important for a family that wants to eat healthy and be able to prepare food easily to include seafood at supper or for snacks.  It is really encouraging to see Americans eating more seafood,” said Jennifer McGuire MS, RD, registered dietitian at the National Fisheries Institute. “Yet another year of growth shows Americans are putting fish at the center of their plates.”

Meanwhile, shrimp keeps its crown as the most popular seafood item in America with a record-high 4.6 pounds eaten per capita.

Additionally, Americans are enjoying a greater variety of seafood, as fish from outside the Top 10 List continues to grow. 

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