Sitka Salmon Shares Scales Sustainable Supply Chain with Bold Commerce

AUSTIN, Texas & WINNIPEG, Manitoba – Bold Commercethe ecommerce technology company that powers checkout and subscription experiences for the world’s leading omnichannel retailers and emerging DTC brands, today announced the results of its work with Sitka Salmon Shares, a community supported fishery (CSF) delivering wild Alaska seafood to members across the United States. Sitka Salmon Shares turned to Bold Commerce to streamline its subscription processes amid increased demand. Its refined subscriptions-based model has transformed its nine-month seasonal business into a year-round venture, with Sitka Salmon Shares now fulfilling subscription boxes 12 months a year.

Sitka Salmon Shares is built around a collective of local fisherman and trusted partners who fish in season, and in turn bases its seafood shares on what the ocean provides. From boat to dock to the processing facilities where the fish are fileted and frozen, through their warehouse, distribution and customer support, the DTC seafood brand manages the sourcing and selling process every step of the way. Its main priority is to ensure its members are receiving the highest quality, most responsible catch every month.

With increasing popularity, Sitka Salmon Shares experienced a 3X surge in demand, and the already challenging logistics of making sure that all of its members received their shares became next to impossible. The company began to outpace the in-house solution it had developed early on for managing its seafood subscriptions. Sitka Salmon Shares teamed up with Bold Commerce to create a subscriptions-based model that would reduce friction points and decrease the time to distribution, all while staying true to its sustainable fishing mission.

Sitka Salmon Shares’ new subscriptions model, powered by Bold Subscriptions on Shopify Plus, has allowed the company to introduce a differentiated supply chain and year-round order fulfillment. Its technology and process updates have significantly reduced the time between order and delivery, reduced customer confusion, increased certainty on delivery expectations and addressed other common challenges perishable foods businesses face. As a result, the company continues to responsibly harvest nine months out of the year, but can now fulfill subscription boxes 12 months a year.

“Our substantial growth during the pandemic created an immediate need to find a scalable solution that could both handle the complexities of our unique subscription model and build an intuitive experience for our members,” said Joe Barneson, CTO, Sitka Salmon Shares. “Bold Commerce helped us build a subscriptions-based model that has created a seamless experience for members to get seafood to their doorstep now year-round and raised the standard for scaling responsible food businesses.”

With Bold Commerce, Sitka Salmon Shares also introduced auto-renewals to retain subscribers yearly without having to ask subscribers to recommit each year, turning its seasonal customers into lifetime customers.

“Subscriptions are now so much more than a simple click-and-subscribe transaction–shoppers are subscribing to brands to be part of a community because they’re passionate about the brand, its backstory and its customer service,” said Jay Myers, Co-Founder, Bold Commerce. “Sitka Salmon Shares has built more than just a subscriber-base, they’ve built a community passionate about sustainable fishing and incredible seafood. It’s this community that will fuel their future growth.”

You can learn more about Sitka Salmon Shares and how Bold Subscriptions is powering advanced subscriptions for the largest brands on Shopify Plus in the complete case study here.

About Sitka Salmon Shares

Sitka Salmon Shares is a community supported fishery delivering traceable, wild-caught Alaska seafood from small-boat fishermen to home cooks across the United States. An innovator in the responsible seafood movement, Sitka Salmon Shares is working to build a more just seafood system from the ground up. For more information, please visit and stay in touch on FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

About Bold Commerce

Bold Commerce is powering anywhere commerce for brands by delivering high-converting, customizable checkout experiences. The company works with leading omnichannel retailers like Vera Bradley, Harry Rosen, and Staples Canada, and emerging DTC brands, such as Pepsi, Mountain Dew and Game Fuel, and Mars to reimagine commerce. Its proprietary suite of modular checkout, subscriptions and price rules solutions is compatible with multiple ecommerce platforms and headless architectures. Bold Commerce has been named to Deloitte’s Tech Fast 50, E&Y’s Entrepreneur of the Year, and CBInsights’ Retail Tech 100.