Sitka Sound Seafoods Launches Fisheries Project

Buying locally produced foods is a trend that’s taken off across the nation, and Sitka is making sure that applies to fish. This summer a group of Sitkans launched Alaska’s first Community Supported Fisheries project which pre-sells shares of local catches directly to local customers. The fish is sold under the “Alaskans Own Seafood” brand, which claims to combine “the best in business with the best in conservation.”

The fish is pre-sold to “subscribers” in either 40 pound or 20 pound packs, said CSF program coordinator Beth Short.

“Every other week customers get something a little different. They’ve already had a halibut and black cod pick up, some ling cod and rock fish, and this time around it’s king salmon. Then later on in the season we’ll have coho,” Short said.

The CSF started out small with 18 subscribers who paid $380 (plus tax) for 40 pound shares and $180 for 20 pounds.

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Photo by Katie Spielberger, Capital City Weekly