Sixty South Announces 100% ASC Certified Pure Antarctic Salmon

PORVENIR, Tierra del Fuego — Unveiled in March 2017 at the Boston Seafood Show, Sixty South has become synonymous with its high sustainability standards to produce pure salmon from Antarctic waters, recognized by industry, retailers and as well as the MBA Seafood Watch program as a ‘Good Alternative’.

Sixty South’s salmon is grown in pure, untouched, icy cold waters of the Antarctic – to produce antibiotic-free salmon that is uncontaminated by any nearby farms, which are at closest 300 km away.

With the company’s pristine location and tireless commitment to the most sustainable farming practices, Sixty South is thrilled to have received Aquaculture Stewardship Council certification for 100 percent of its sites last year. This enables the company to supply 52 weeks of ASC certified salmon to customers, all year long and makes them the only salmon company in the global industry with 100% of the sites certified.

The ASC standard evaluates the environmental performance of each farm alongside the sustainability policy and practices of the company with great focus on its relationship with stakeholders (employees, fishermen, neighbors, authorities, and beyond). What makes difficult to achieve the ASC certification is the restriction in the use of chemicals in the farms, and in particular the use of pesticides. As stated by ASC CEO, Chris Nines, in November: “These are defined to allow only the best-performing salmon farms in a given region to enter the ASC certification process, and ensure that improvements in performance are driven universally.

Sernapesca, Chile’s salmon farming authority, has also taken note issuing a special certification to Sixty South verifying its salmon as being raised without antibiotics. With the plan to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of antimicrobials, Sernapesca is prioritizing the certification of the “raised without antibiotics” farms, as an endorsement to those that achieve this good result. 

Another milestone for Sixty South this year has been the development of a new hatchery and smolt plant that enable it to be completely integrated.

“We are proud of this development that will enable us to deliver ASC certified volumes to our customers 52 weeks a year. Our good environmental conditions, in the Magallanes region has helped us to achieve this important milestone. We are continuing our efforts to deliver the Sixty South products to our key customers all over the world in 2019.” – Nicos Nicolaides, CEO, Sixty South

With retailers, restaurants, food service providers and consumers demonstrating interest in and demanding sustainable solutions, Sixty South’s commitments and origin story position the company for a strong year ahead.

Sixty South will be presenting at the Seafood Expo in Boston, Mass., March 17-19 2019. Stop by their booth or contact the Sixty South team to arrange an appointment.

About Nova Austral (Sixty South parent company)
NOVA AUSTRAL is a Chilean salmon farmer and processor, owned by the companies Altor Fund III and Bain Capital. The company’s entire operations are located in Chile’s Region XII, in the Magellan and Antarctic Region, over 2,500 km from Santiago, the country’s capital city.