Skuna Bay Salmon Expands To Minnesota, North & South Dakota

Gold River, B.C. — Beginning last week, Skuna Bay, Vancouver Island Craft Raised Salmon will be available to the upper Midwest with its expansion to Minnesota and North and South Dakota and further into Iowa and Wisconsin. Skuna Bay Salmon is excited to welcome specialty seafood purveyor The Fish Guys Inc. to its team of exclusive distributor partners.

“Our passion is to consistently provide the great chefs of America with the best salmon they can get so their customers always have a fantastic salmon dining experience ,” says Dave Mergle, Director for Skuna Bay. “We are excited to continue our expansion into Minnesota and the Dakotas where we think chefs will appreciate the attention to detail we put into getting them great 10 lb salmon year round.”

Skuna Bay, Vancouver Island Craft Raised Salmon is reared in pristine, glaciar-fed waters off the coast of Vancouver Island, B.C. by a dedicated, passionate team of Craftsmen Farmers. North America’s only Craft Raised salmon’s rise in popularity began with its launch in the Southwest region of the United States last November, and has now been served at more than 800 high-end restaurants and boutique retailers across 23 states and major urban markets including Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, St. Louis, Denver, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Indianapolis. And now Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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