Slade Gorton Announces Creation Of Coolfish

BOSTON – Harnessing more than 100 years of experience in the seafood business and with a vision for how to change the way consumers perceive and experience seafood, Slade Gorton, the third-generation, family-owned seafood business, today announces the creation of Coolfish®. Building on its existing leadership position in the expanding prepared foods market,  Coolfish®, a division of Slade Gorton, will provide fresh and frozen, prepared and semi-prepared seafood products to supermarkets, club stores, chain restaurant operators, wholesalers and distributors. 

There is a huge, unmet desire among consumers and even the foodservice industry for innovative seafood products that are delicious, easy to prepare, and support the growing emphasis on health and wellness, sustainability and a closer connection to the food source.

“Lack of innovation in retail seafood products, packaging, marketing and merchandising, combined with a consumer desire for convenience, healthy products and ease of use, has led to stagnation in the seafood market,” said Kimberly Gorton, Slade Gorton President and CEO. “Coolfish® was created to address that need. We are making significant investments in market research, plant and infrastructure, new cooking, processing and packaging technologies, as well as marketing and communications tools in a way never before realized in our industry,” she added.

This innovative model will engage consumers, retailers and foodservice providers through multiple social media channels to engage in dialogue and share dynamic information about where their seafood comes from, its health benefits and how to easily and successfully prepare at home or in commercial kitchens.

Leading the new division is James E. Griffin, a lifelong foodservice professional, who is widely known as a trend expert in the global culinary network. Griffin’s affiliation with the value added line of Slade Gorton began upon its creation in 1992. He provided product development consulting in the early 1990’s and filled the role of consulting corporate chef for nearly a decade. Coolfish® takes Slade Gorton’s value added line to a completely new level.

“All too often consumers don’t buy or eat fish because they’re afraid they’re going to ruin it, or don’t trust the way it’s been prepared. By providing high quality, healthy, prepared and semi-prepared seafood to supermarkets and foodservice companies, seafood will become more accessible to these consumers,” said Coolfish® President and CEO, James E. Griffin.

Coolfish® is built on a foundation of culinary innovation based on the same processes and techniques employed in the finest restaurants and food manufacturers in the world. Coolfish’s® culinary-driven product innovation, marketing and end-user orientation, strong customer relationships, and extensive supplier network, will enable Slade Gorton to grow the value-added/branded business successfully.

About Coolfish®

Coolfish® is a $45 million dollar division of Slade Gorton whose mission is to delight its customers  by creating premium quality, wholesome, nutritious and sustainable seafood products that are simple to prepare and delicious to eat. Coolfish maintains 3 manufacturing facilities across the country, providing nationwide service to retailers, club stores, distributors, wholesalers and chain operators. It employs over 250 highly talented, dedicated associates focused on exceeding customer expectations, achieving operational excellence, cultivating outstanding brands and accelerating its growth.

Source: Slade Gorton,