Southeastern Seaproducts Inc. Announces New Process to Pasteurize Oysters

MELBOURNE, FL – Southeastern Seaproducts Inc., a leading processor and wholesaler for oysters and clams is pleased to announce that the company has produced a new FDA approved technology to pasteurize oysters, making their oysters more readily available in Nationwide markets. 

“The patent technology has been two years in the making,” said Mark Maynard, the CEO and President of the company. The pasteurization processes eliminates ALL pathogens from the oysters .Particularly the harmful Vibrio Vulnificus which has led to a number of sicknesses over the years. The high-tech process also eliminates spoilage bacteria without compromising any of the natural texture and flavors.  “Most importantly, the Southeastern Seaproducts pasteurization process extends the shelf life of the oysters, making possible for consumers in all 50 states to enjoy oysters produced in the Gulf of Mexico,” Mark reported. Traditionally, the short shelf life in oysters poses tremendous logistic challenges of getting them to distant markets. 

Dr. Tawainga Katsvairo, a consultant with Arc Horizon, a company which monitors oyster processing development hailed the achievement as “important advancement for fresh oysters at a time we when are starting to see these pathogens show up in East Coast and Pacific Coast oysters. 

Southeastern Seaproducts has a successful track record regarding production of innovative technologies and processes in Shellfish.

About Southeastern Seaproducts Inc.

Southeastern Seaproducts Inc. has had tremendous growth, from a two person to a multimillion-dollar company. The company was started in the 1990s when the State of Florida banned net fishing and retrained fishermen as Shellfish growers. Southeastern Seaproducts is one of the largest processors and distributors for shellfish in the U.S, supplying products to large retail chains, restaurants and grocery stores. 

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