Stavis Seafoods Unveils Prince Edward Frozen Organic Mussels

BOSTON, MA – Stavis Seafoods, a vertically integrated importer and manufacturer of quality fresh & frozen seafood, today unveiled its new frozen Prince Edward Whole Organic Mussels, available in both a one pound retail-ready bag and two pound foodservice bag. Prince Edward Whole Organic Mussels are certified as an organic seafood item by Global Trust and an as ocean-friendly seafood choice by OceanWise. These Mussels are sustainably grown in the clean, clear waters of Newfoundland located on the East Coast of Canada. Our Prince Edward Organic Mussels are processed in a BAP-rated facility, fully cooked and packed at the peak of the season to ensure high meat yields. 

“Stavis Seafoods has a long history of innovation and excellence in seafood and we are excited to add an organic product to our line of responsibly harvested seafood,” said Chuck Marble, CEO of Stavis Seafoods. “This item provides the flavor and texture of fresh Organic Mussels with the greater convenience of a frozen product that consumers and chefs desire. Canadian Mussels are known for their superior quality and we believe our Prince Edward Whole Organic Mussels represent the best Mussel value in today’s marketplace.”

Prince Edward Whole Organic Mussels are sized 17/22ct/lb and conveniently packed in 10lb master cases. Mussels are one of the most popular seafood proteins available and Prince Edward Whole Organic Mussels can be added to any recipe or cuisine and cooked directly from frozen. They are an ideal steamed entree but versatile enough to be perfect in bisques, soups, chowders, paellas, pastas and salads. These Organic Mussels are a delicious addition to our Prince Edward line of premium quality shellfish which also includes frozen Hard Clams (Littleneck and Topneck), Fresh Canadian Mussels and Fresh Malpeque Oysters.

About Stavis Seafoods:

Stavis Seafoods has been a Boston Waterfront landmark and seafood industry pioneer since 1929. Originally called the Stavis Ipswich Clam Company, Stavis Seafoods is a leader in responsible global sourcing and has the industry expertise to help customers buy and sell with confidence. Stavis Seafoods is a multinational fishing company and manufacturer, with vessels and processing plants around the world. Stavis Seafoods has a direct connection to fishermen harvesting their seafood right on the boat, providing true vertical integration and a simple, traceable hook-to-plate sourcing solution. Stavis Seafoods’ team of experts provides up-to-the-minute market information and extremely competitive pricing to all its customers. Stavis also offers a line of famous brands, including BOS’N, ChillFresh, Foods From the Sea, Boston Pride, Ocean Delight and Prince Edward. For more information about Stavis Seafoods, please call us at (617) 482-6349 or visit us at

Source: Stavis Seafoods