Summit Focuses On SC Seafood Outlook

Thursday, February 25, 2010, Charleston – Six of the states seafood experts with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources gave updates on the current state of several wild-caught seafoods at the Seafood Summit held Feb. 17 in Charleston. In this segment of the Seafood Summit Series Shrimp and Crab are discussed.

Shrimp: Larry Delancey, SCDNR

This years cold weather kill was not as bad as the 99 percent cold kill on white shrimp, which was 99 percent. This years cold kill was comparable to that of 2003.

Current catches are fairly good, Delancey said. The best number are at St. Helena Sound.

February white shrimp catch numbers are down 90 percent from December, but this is not atypical. In general the white shrimp populate has seen very good numbers in the past few years, and the excess rain we received in December was a huge help to shrimp numbers.

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