Texas-Sized Shrimp Dream at Long Last Proves Viable

LACOSTE — After 18 years and $35.4 million in development, the founders of NaturalShrimp are convinced shrimp lot No. 180 at the company’s remote Medina County fish-tank complex is their aquaculture pay dirt.

The translucent, beady-eyed crustaceans zooming through the salty water are now into their 22nd week of growth. They’re about 5 inches long and weigh about 18 grams apiece. They are gulping down food pellets dropped hourly with abandon, well on their way to a harvest weight of 23 grams.

NaturalShrimp is one of the companies trying to prove you don’t need a big body of natural saltwater like the Gulf of Mexico to raise shrimp — that they can grow to commercial proportions in specialized tanks on land. The business’s aim is to deliver fresh shrimp to restaurants and markets far from the sea.

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