The National Fisheries Institute Kicks Off Second Annual National Pescatarian Month

McLEAN, Va. – The National Fisheries Institute (NFI) celebrates its second annual National Pescatarian Month, sponsored by the institute’s award-winning blog, Dish on Fish.

National Pescatarian Month is designed to help keep seafood top of mind with consumers, encouraging them to enjoy fish-centric meals at least two or three times a week, either at home or when dining out as recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The initiative’s goal is to bolster the existing efforts of many retailers, foodservice operators, and brands that market under the National Seafood Month umbrella.

With National Pescatarian Month, NFI celebrates those who have adopted a pescatarian diet; but also encourages everyone to make room in their diet for more seafood.  

“Pescatarians really didn’t have a public platform prior to NFI launching National Pescatarian Month.” said Judy Dashiell, Senior Vice President of NFI, “We have developed a National Pescatarian Month Toolkit with logos, social media posts and more for NFI members and partners to use throughout October.”

Long celebrated as National Seafood Month, October now has an even stronger connection to seafood. “National Pescaratarian Month provides consumers with one more reason to seek out seafood at retail and in food service outlets all month long,”explains Dashiell. “It amplifies the National Seafood Month efforts of NFI Members.” With this second annual celebration, one of NFI’s key messages is how easy it is to  “swap with seafood” – encouraging consumers to swap another protein for seafood for every meal part.

“We take ‘give it a try this month’ approach with Pescetarianism. We’ll show how easy – and tasty – it is to swap out things like traditional burgers or tacos for a seafood version,” says Dashiell.

As the sponsor of National Pescatarian Month, Dish on Fish will showcase nutritious, pescatarian-focused meal plans, along with tips for simple seafood prep and cooking on their blog throughout the month. Following last year’s successful e-cookbook, “Everyday Seafood Recipes: 53 Quick & Easy Dishes,” featuring primarily pescatarian, original recipes for the home cook, Dish on Fish will be releasing new and engaging recipes around seafood preparation.

“Once again, the 2021 edition of ‘Everyday Seafood Recipes’ is a free resource for consumers to download directly from the Dish on Fish,” said Dashiell. “NFI members and partners are encouraged to include a link as part of their online resources.”

In addition to promoting educational material about National Pescatarian Month on their platforms, the NFI and its members have partnered with other seafood industry groups to help spread the word. Partners of the program will tout the various health benefits of pescetarianism with their respective audiences and celebrate the seafood-and-vegetable lifestyle.

To learn more about Dish on Fish, visit or head to its Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram pages.


About National Pescatarian Month

National Pescatarian Month is recognized each October in celebration of pescatarians and the pescatarian diet. This officially designated holiday embraces the health and lifestyle advantages of choosing a pescatarian diet, which consists of seafood + vegetarian options. The holiday encourages consumers to “Go Pescatarian” in October, with a goal of eating at least two to three seafood meals a week, whether enjoyed at a restaurant or prepared at home. National Pescatarian Month is sponsored by the National Fisheries Institute (NFI), a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public about seafood safety, sustainability and nutrition. To learn more about National Pescatarian Month, visit the NFI’s blog Dish on Fish.

About The National Fisheries Institute

The National Fisheries Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to education about seafood safety, sustainability and nutrition. From seagoing vessels to favorite seafood restaurants, The NFI’s diverse member companies bring delicious fish and shellfish to American families. The NFI promotes the federal government’s Dietary Guidelines, which suggests Americans include fish and shellfish in their diets at least twice per week, for longer, healthier lives.

The NFI and its members are committed to sustainable management of our oceans and to being stewards of our environment, through the institute’s embrace of the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Fisheries. The NFI believes the investment it makes in the world’s oceans today will provide our children and future generations the health benefits of a plentiful supply of fish and other seafood tomorrow.

From responsible aquaculture and a marketplace supporting free trade to ensuring consumers and the media have the facts about the health benefits of fish and shellfish, The NFI and its members support and promote sound public policy based on ground-truth science.