Trader Joe’s To Adopt Sustainable Practices

Trader Joe’s has announced that it will sell only sustainably sourced seafood by the end of 2012.

In announcement posted on its Web site, the grocery chain would remove species condemned by environmental groups from its shelves, establish a transparent sourcing policy and leverage its buying power to change the seafood industry. The phase-out applies to all fresh, frozen and canned seafood.

The move comes after months of pressure from environmental groups. In July 2009, the company agreed to stop selling orange roughy. Last month, red snapper disappeared from the shelves. “This is a big deal,” said Casson Trenor, senior markets campaigner for Greenpeace. “What we’re seeing here is the transformation of what was the U.S. seafood industry’s worst nationwide laggard into a company that will likely become an industry leader within the next year or two.”

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